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To secure your promotional code, please follow these steps on our website:

1. Locate the "Enter Promo Code" Section: Navigate to our website and find the "Enter Promo Code" section, typically situated above the total order amount during checkout.

2. Enter the Referral Code: Input your referral code into the designated field and click "Apply." This will grant you up to a 10% discount on your purchase.

3. Look for a Confirmation Message: After entering the code, the page will refresh. Watch for a confirmation message indicating that the code has been accepted and your discount successfully applied.

4. Add Additional Codes: If you have more promotional codes, enter them in the same window. Simply repeat the process: input the code and click "Apply."

5. Receive an Activation Notification: Upon completion, a notification will appear confirming the code's activation and the application of your discount, reducing your total purchase cost accordingly.

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